Time to rethink what's possible

Today was my first treatment with Paula, she kindly volunteered to go on a Facebook live Video with me for some treatment.

I asked for someone who had pain that I hadn't performed any treatment with them, she had never heard of me or what I do. A perfect candidate. On meeting the day previous we had a brief chat about what to expect and talked about injury history in brief. Her main focus was back pain that she had been suffering with for over 20 years. MRI shows Lower Lumbar disc problems, she doesn't sleep well because of pain and struggles with many ordinary daily activities. We performed some assessments and through talking we found that turning and leaning over to the right are where the main problems exist within her back.

Willing to try but sceptical I had my work cut out to get a result within a reasonable amount of time on a Facebook Live Video. You can clearly see the results in the video. If you want to get back to a life where you aren't relying on others to do you favours, anxiety and stress about going out to do chores, hanging up washing, vacuuming the stairs, putting on your own shoes and socks, driving your car, parking without worry that if someone parks next to you can you still get back in

Or you are wanting to get back to sports, playing football or rugby with your old team mates rather than just propping up the bar while they are getting stuck in to a ruck, getting back on your bike or sticking your runners on after years of knee or ankle pain.

It's time to stop thinking that you can't be fixed and there's nothing to do about it because there is. Initial Consultations just £20 currently. Apply here

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