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Meditation  -  downloads for a wide variety of health problems. From Organs and body systems to specific conditions. Listen to your download everyday for 30 days. And if there's no improvement in your symptoms then please ask for a refund. 

The beauty of healing intention meditation is that it cannot go wrong, there are no negative side effects. Your body will naturally change, safely. When we go under procedures or take more drastic courses of action this can lead to cytotoxic reactions where the "bad" stuff gets back into your blood and makes you feel worse. Potentially life threatening. Meditation cannot do that. The worst you'll feel is tired, thirsty and/or hungry as your body tells you what you need more of.

Ebooks - guides to enhancing performance in health and running (another passion of mine)

Video Courses - Coming Soon - Sleep, Bodyweight strength for Runners, Free to Move

Free Stuff - check out the "self pain relief" tab above for free videos to help you with pain and movement.