How can a Mediterranean Diet beat Asthma?

I read an article earlier this week describing how a Mediterranean diet helped a group of children who have asthma. The diet seemed to reduce the symptoms related to Asthma. Here's the link

Think back 100 years or so. Most of your grandparents or great grand parents would never have seen an avocado and very few would have seen a banana. How many of those do you eat per week? Is this the right thing for YOU to eat?

The rates of disease are increasing incredibly quickly and we don't know the reason why. There's a trend here, we love to eat globally produced foods, food from any season, all year round. Could this be one of the causes?

The study on asthma was performed in Greece.

Greece, oddly enough, is a Mediterranean country. Greece also has 8, 498 Miles of coastline. What do you think people in Greece should be eating? Bingo, that's right, a Mediterranean Diet

Where are you from?

Chances are, if you're reading this, you come from and live in Britain.


Your body is "tuned" to the light frequencies of the British Isles (or the locality of where you are living). Food that is grown or caught here is also tuned to the light frequencies of where it lives. If there is a mismatch of frequencies then could this be the cause of inflammation?

Weight gain; obesity; CHD; arthritis; IBS; Crohn's; Allergies; Diabetes - are all forms of inflammation or have inflammation as ONE of their root causes.

Could something as simple as changing your diet to be more complimentary to WHERE you live rather than is it good or bad for you be the better choice?

I would argue a resounding YES.

Is a Mediterranean diet perfect for someone who lives in the UK?

Nope, however, it is probably a damn sight better than what you would usually have.


The Ideal diet for a British Person changes as the seasons do.

Fish and Seafood

These are available all year round - therefore you can eat them all year round. Preferably locally sourced and fresh but UK and frozen is better that not at all.

Vegetables and Fruit

Ask yourself this question - does it grow where I live at this time of year?

If the answer is no then you should drastically limit how much of it you eat. If the answer is yes, then (in an ideal world) we ask the next question, how was it grown, outside or forced? Outside would be best as it has been exposed to natural light at the correct time of year

Meat - meat is available all year round - eat it, especially in winter.

As is FAT - fat and meat come together in a happy little skin parcel that we call cows, pigs, chicken, deer, squirrel etc. If you're eating meat, you should also be eating fat.

If you aren't eating fat with meat it's like having a glass with no wine. What's the point?

To end

Reducing inflammation can help reduce symptoms of many inflammatory diseases.

Eating locally sourced and produced food is one way that you can decrease the inflammatory burden on your body.

Eat seasonally.

And as always - cut out the processed foods without fail - bread, pasta, most baked goods i.e. cookies, biscuits, cakes

Get outside in the SUN (or clouds) as frequently as possible - this matches the frequencies of light to your surroundings and therefore the food you eat.

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