Quick Pain Relief Trick

Updated: May 21, 2021

In 2 minutes - less once you've practiced - you'll be able to change pain in your body forever.

In this short video I'll show you how you can change:

  1. Numb Skin

  2. Odd sensations around scars

  3. Muscle knots and tension

  4. DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness from exercise

  5. improve ROM in your joints.

  6. decrease pain in specific areas - i.e. tennis elbow, neck pain, knee pain

What is doesn't work so well on:

  • Chronic Pain that moves around

  • Deep Internal pains (it needs additional tips for that)

  • Emotional Pain

  • General Pain - "everything hurts!"

For these things the best thing to do would be #1 if you haven't already get checked out by a qualified Dr #2 if that's ok and they're not really sure but you'll live, send me a message on 07590003659 or email: info@retrainpain.co.uk

that all being said - here's the video

it would be great to know how this has helped you. It would be great to hear how well this has worked for you.

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