Too busy to train for marathons?

One reason (among many) that has put me off of running a marathon has been the amount of time and hours that are required in training to be able to achieve the times that you want.

This year, I want to change that story. My criteria - less than 3 hours of training per week. Achieve a sub 3:30 marathon. Further goal run a half marathon totally barefoot and achieve a sub 1:30 half (probably with shoes on).

My current PB half: 1:34 aged 24 whilst serving with the Army in Iraq (Kuwait) My current PB marathon: wishful thinking, I haven't done one yet but here is the plan. ​

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​ A new client of mine wanted a sub 4 hr marathon with 6 weeks notice whilst recovering from an Pereoneal Tendonitis.

This is what inspired me to write a simple progressive program that will achieve that assuming a relatively strong base of fitness

Too much time and you're too busy.

I've got 2 kids, I'm self employed and a busy dad - I want to be home for bedtimes, eat meals at reasonable times and not be out running late (or silly early) for hours just because I've got to get miles in my legs. There are better ways of improving endurance than simply putting in the hours.

My job - to reduce time spent pounding pavements, decrease risk of recurrence of injury, aid in rehabilitation of the ankle injury through treatments and teaching her how to treat herself in less time than she was currently spending on it.

This program is short - my client has a strong background in sports and keeps herself fit - this isn't for beginners. It is aimed at intermediate runners who already have a decent running base.

If your aiming for faster or slower marathons simply adjust the numbers for your run days. Listen to your body, if it's having a bad day there's no shame in reducing the intervals either in time or number

Marathons take a lot of time and a big toll on the body. I wanted a way that you can achieve the times that you want with fewer hours training with less strain taken on your body.

Do you want the program?

Simply follow this link, fill out the form, download your program.

m and it's yours.

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