Unseen Illness

Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing you some information on Mental Health and Stress. You will learn how to recognise if you or a friend has some Mental Health issues that they may need some help with OR for you to just understand that they are going through something that you CAN'T help with but just so that you understand that they are.

You may learn some tips that could help you with some condition that you have suffered with. Some relaxation techniques that may have some benefit to you or a friend

And more


"Health is a relationship between you and your body" - Terri Gullemets



Mental Health disorders are more common than everyone thinks - 1 in 4 are thought to be suffering to some degree at least once per year.

Thoughts of being alone, being the only one in a certain situation can be overwhelming for the sufferers (or their loved ones). But people should understand that it's common and nothing to be afraid of to talk about.

The Basics

Here, below, is a basic guide to some of the common mental health disorders that people suffer with regularly.

Mental Health is not often talked about enough and is a vital part to our health.

Health is not just about how fast you can run or how much weight you can lift at the gym.


What is health

Health IS being able to perform daily activities like going shopping, cooking and cleaning and generally looking after yourself well - phobias, body dysmophia, OCD, anxiety and many other conditions can have an effect on your day to day life and are not to be laughed at or brushed under the carpet because they are "unseen"

Everyone has a bad day every now and then - that isn't a mental health disorder. However, when a bad day becomes a bad week, a bad week becomes a bad month and the light at the end of the tunnel becomes dimmer and dimmer, that is when there is a problem.

When you can't see a way out.

Don't worry though, there is light at the end of every tunnel - there has to be!

More from the NHS here

More information and support from Mind here


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