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Is there an interesting article in here that could give you a key to making a change in your life that will make you a healthier person? Looking at diet, nutrition and medical news on how to live a healthier life. Cutting through some of the crap that you'll see on social media, in the headlines and even from "dave" down the pub who knows it all.

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Today, in this weeks health news

Can fermented dairy products shield you from heart disease?

This study shows that although fermented dairy may reduce your risk of CHD, taking on non-fermented dairy (Milk) could actually increase your risk.

Long life and Disease Free

An really interesting study performed on an Amazonian tribe who show little to no sign of obesity, CHD, Blood Pressure issues and healthy levels of cholesterol. What's their secret?

I'll give you a hint: they eat locally, exercise, spend lots of time outdoors and they are barefoot.

There is no magical root, potion or connoction that they eat drink or smoke. They live as their ancestors have done for thousands of years before them. It's what they evolved to do.

The importance of a natural birth

This is a pet peeve of mine. Elective C-Section when there is NO medical requirement for it. You are doing your children a massive disservice by electing for C-Section if there is no NEED for it.

Science/medicine has now found that children born via C-Section are more likely to be ill, have developmental problems and more than likely many other issues. Don't get me wrong - if life is in danger for either mother or baby, absolutely have one. If you are both healthy, do everyone a favour - Dr's, NHS, midwives, nurses Yourself and your baby.

The importance of a natural birth is so important that when a C section has happened they are now "seeding" the baby's mouth with fluid from the vagina. It is THAT important.

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