Tasteless water has nothing to do with water and everything to do with you.

Water, Splash, Drop

  • How you can improve the taste of your water without spending a penny on filters.

  • The real reason why your tap water tastes bland and horrible.

  • What you can do to change that.

  • Save ££'s on fruit juices and squashes that improve the taste of water but contain unnatural, unhealthy sweeteners and chemicals that you just shouldn't eat.

As a Human, and I'm guessing you are if you're reading this, you should know that water is kind of important to your health.

When you become even partly dehydrated you lose focus, lack concentration, get sleepy, lethargic and generally feel a bit awful.

You would love to drink more water but it tastes terrible. You know that adding squash or flavours to your water makes it taste better but they are full of sweeteners and E numbers. It just ain't natural.

Natural juices like apple or orange are really high in sugar and caffeinated drinks will actually dehydrate you.

Water is best had plain. But it tastes so bad.

The question is why. Why would we have evolved to rely so heavily on H2O if it always tasted so bad. It would be equivalent to sex not being enjoyable. You wouldn't do it (so much) if you didn't enjoy it and we would cease to exist.

Why plain water tastes bad has nothing to do with the water and everything to do with you.

We need to go quite deep into how we store and use energy (calories) to more fully explain this. I'll try and keep it brief.

Your body is pretty smart, it can run on more than 1 fuel, it can even convert one type of fuel into another. Like having an engine that is electric, petrol AND diesel all in one go.

The fuel system you know about.

Carbohydrates - considered by many to be where we should get most of our Energy from. It's what the government say so why shouldn't we believe them. Carbohydrates come in 3 types - simple sugars, starchy (complex sugars) and fibre.

Your body doesn't care what we have called them. They are treated the same in the long run.

Simple Sugars are easily and quickly digested and make their way happily into the blood stream very quickly.

Starchy carbs are made up of the same stuff they just take longer for the body to do that.

Fibre is a bit different, it can produce energy but has no effect on blood sugar levels.

Whether you eat 100 gramms of simple sugars or 100 gramms of starchy sugars you are still getting 100 gramms of sugars (carbohydrates) the difference is the length of time it takes to be processed, get to the blood stream and stored or used.

Not all bad, muscles, the heart (yes also a muscle), the brain (the Brain NEEDS carbohydrates) and organs CAN use sugars as an energy source to do what they need to do.

No problems so far.

If your diet contains a high percentage of Carbohydrate your body will be craving constant top ups.

Carb Monster

If you're the kind of person who can't live without breakfast and is hungry every 2 - 3 hours then you are a Carb Monster.

They might be "healthy" carbs - veg and fruit for example - but one slip of will-power and you're smashing back biscuits and chocolate.

You Carbohydrate fuel tank is limited in size. Once your muscles are full of glucose that's stored there ready for action and your liver is full of glycogen (this is just the name it's called when we are storing sugars) that's it, the tanks are full.

Anything over and above that will convert into Fat - long term storage. Ready for a rainy day that these days never comes.

If your tank is full of sugar and potentially over flowing (high blood sugar and insulin resistance) this is when water will taste foul. Conditioning

You have conditioned your body towards sugar and anything that isn't sweet in flavour will taste bland and tasteless in comparison.

Pavlov's Dog - You may well know this story, Mr Pavlov trained his dogs that food was available when a bell rang, in time the dogs began to salivate whenever they heard a bell ring even if no food was available.

What you may not know is the end of that story. When Mr Pavlov went to show other scientists his discovery and took his dogs to another environment and repeated the experiment, the dogs did NOT salivate.

They were conditioned to his lab and the bell, not JUST the bell.

What this means. All you need to do is change the conditions in which you live to change the outcome.

Changing your conditions.

If your sugar tank is full and you keep on topping it up

  1. You're at risk of Diabetes type 2.

  2. Water tastes bland (and any other un-sugary food does too)

  3. Which makes you crave sugar - a vicious circle to potential life changing conditions.

How to change your sugar monster.

It will take will power and some time. There are fast and not very nice ways to do it and there are slower kinder ways to do it.

The fast way - Intermittent fasting and then when you do it you have very very small amounts of carbohydrates. I wouldn't advise doing this immediately at all. You will be cranky, feel like shit and generally be a person that people don't want to be around for a few weeks.

A slower way that's a bit kinder to those people around you and should be a bit easier.

Look at your diet. Look where and how often you eat meals that are high in carbohydrates - you might find that carbohydrate is particularly high at every meal.

Main culprits to look for:

Bread - white or brown, seeded or plain Pasta - white or brown, gluten free


Heavily processed - i.e. crisps or chips

Take it easy on the unprocessed ones too. My advice would be to have them, in small portions but never at breakfast.

Breakfast is the biggest culprit - often cereal or toast as we rush out of the door in the morning. This sets you up for a BAD day of Carb craving entering a blood sugar peaks and troughs throughout the day.

How to Start

Generally I'd still advise breakfast, particularly when starting out with changing how your body works but it would need to be fat/protein based. Fish and eggs would be ideal starts to your day with some sort of oil/fat to start making your body a fat burner rather than a Carb burner.

After a few days of replacing breakfast and reducing carbohydrate intake overall across your day and week you should notice that water - straight out of the tap - will taste much much sweeter than it did before. CHEERS

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